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In Five Beyonce Themed Lessons..

Over the next few days, what you’ll learn in this email course just might transform the way you’ve been thinking about the qualities and strength of your relationships
In Five Beyonce Themed Lessons..

Inside Our Course

Healthy Relationship Building for Boss Chicks. Learn relationship cheat codes in 20 minutes a day to get the love (life) you love.

  • 1
    Healthy Relationship Building for Boss Chicks. Learn relationship cheat codes in 20 minutes a day to get the love (life) you love.
  • 2
    Day One: Me, Myself and I may be the problem
    • Day One Lesson Overview
    • Day One Video: How isolation is stopping you from getting the life you deserve and how the power of strong social supports is the key to true wellness
    • Find Your Relationship Attachment Style
    • How to Check Your Quiz Results
  • 3
    Day Two: Friends: Who you love matters and why your Beyonce needs a Kelly and yes a Michelle too.
    • Day Two Lesson Overview
    • Day Two Lesson: Finding the right tribe is the key to being the star of your own life.
  • 4
    Day Three: Upgrade You: the transformative power of relationships
    • Day Three Lesson Overview
    • Lesson Three Video: The importance of who you associate with can help you find your purpose and catapult you to live your true destiny.
  • 5
    Day Four: Feeling myself: The necessity and healing nature of touch.
    • Day Four Overview
    • Lesson Four: The importance of Platonic affectionate touch and how the tricks “touch psychology” play on the mind when it comes to romantic love.
  • 6
    Day Five: Shining: The healing power of relationships.
    • This is The Final Lesson- Day Five
    • Lesson Five: How they contribute to our overall health outcomes and how some of us are literally dying of loneliness.

In This Course We Will

Ready to master relationship building in 2019? In Healthy Relationship Building for Boss Chicks. Learn why you need to take no excuses in your relationships, say no to toxic relationships now and find out your attraction style!! 

  • Discuss why you need to place health and happiness as a priority in your relationships

  • Learn why getting rid of toxic relationships have to be a priority for your overall health.

  • Take your attachment assessment so you can learn how it maybe keeping you single.

Your Course Instructor

  • Nikita Banks, LCSW

    Licensed Psychotherapist, MSW, LCSW

    Nikita Banks, LCSW

    Nikita Banks is a Brooklyn New York based pyschotherapist, coach and educator. Her unique journey that lead to her living the life of her passions is what adds to her experience as an expert in her field. “I am not just another ‘expert’ with an opinion on what I think makes relationships work. It is my belief that it is necessary to approach the work from a psychological perspective, proven implementable strategies.” Nikita Banks earned her Bachelors of Science degree from Brooklyn College;  she obtained her Master of Science Degree from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work; Ms. Banks pursued and obtained her clinical license the states in New York/New Jersey/Georgia/Florida. Ms Banks is in Private Practice in Brooklyn New York and She can be contacted for appointments at Proactive Mental Wellness, In the historic neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. 

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