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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome Message-What You Will Learn
  • 2
    My Journey From Patient to Practitioner
    • My View From the Other Side of the Couch
  • 3
    Necessary Tools for Your Mental Wellness Tool Box
    • How to Create a Mental Wellness Regiment
    • Why You Need A Mental Wellness Regiment
  • 4
    Is Therapy Too Expensive? 7 Ways to Find a Therapist including some free and low cost options
    • 7 Ways to Find a Therapist Even Some Free Options
    • Finding a Mental Health Pro
  • 5
    What to Expect From Your First Session
    • Your First Session
  • 6
    What to Do if You Are Dealing with a Mental Health Crisis
    • Tips for supporting someone through their mental health crisis
    • Tips for Supporting Someone Who Has A Diagnosis
  • 7
    You're Awesome!! You completed our mental wellness course now go on and get fit
    • You Did It!
    • You Did It! I And I Am So Proud Of You

Inside Our Course

Curious about therapy? Want to know what happens in a first session? Need to know how to help a friend or family mentor who is newly diagnosed? Our Free Course Is for YOU!

  • Learn what to expect from your first session.

  • Learn about low cost and access to free treatment.

  • How to support a family member who is newly diagnosed.

Your Instructor

  • Nikita Banks, LCSW

    Licensed Psychotherapist, MSW, LCSW

    Nikita Banks, LCSW

    Nikita Banks is a Brooklyn New York based pyschotherapist, coach and educator. Her unique journey that lead to her living the life of her passions is what adds to her experience as an expert in her field. “I am not just another ‘expert’ with an opinion on what I think makes relationships work. It is my belief that it is necessary to approach the work from a psychological perspective, proven implementable strategies.” Nikita Banks earned her Bachelors of Science degree from Brooklyn College;  she obtained her Master of Science Degree from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work; Ms. Banks pursued and obtained her clinical license the states in New York/New Jersey/Georgia/Florida. Ms Banks is in Private Practice in Brooklyn New York and She can be contacted for appointments at Proactive Mental Wellness, In the historic neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. 

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